Types of Bingo Jackpots

Bingo - Aug. 26, 2014

Most players who have enjoyed the game of bingo online will be aware that they can win with a standard bingo and will also have some opportunities to collect jackpot payouts. There are two types of jackpot games that can be played and these include a preset jackpot game and a progressive game. Both of these can offer some amazing payouts to real money players and make playing bingo online even more exciting.

A preset bingo jackpot is typically paid out when players complete a certain pattern or a coverall when they are playing. This jackpot amount will be specified and will be a set amount. The amount of the jackpot will not increase regardless of how many players are playing the game. This lets players know exactly what they could win with the game before it even starts. One of the best preset jackpots available is at 888Ladies, where every Friday, players can play for a huge $50,000 jackpot. To win this, the player must get a bingo on the first 41 numbers of the game. If the 42nd number is called, the jackpot will be reduced until it reaches the lowest amount of $2,500. The great thing about this jackpot game is that he cards cost just $1, so this is a great chance to win huge rewards by playing. Players must realise that there is a minimum purchase of $5 required for the jackpot game.

Progressive bingo games will attract a lot of attention and many players will enjoy playing for massive jackpot amounts. Like all other games that offer a progressive, the jackpot will begin at a set amount and will increase as more players play the real money game. There are sites that offer progressive games on 75 and 90 ball versions. To win these progressives, players will have to get a blackout, or coverall within a certain number of balls called.

Bingo is a very exciting game that can easily be enjoyed by any online player and with these added jackpot opportunities, more players are seeing that bingo can be very lucrative. The game is offered at many leading casino sites and can always be found by accessing online bingo halls, featuring great games, side games, jackpots and even free bingo games for players who are not willing to wager real money.

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