How to Choose a Progressive

Casino - March 10, 2015

Upon entering an online casino, many players are immediately drawn to the progressive jackpot games that offer millions in payouts. These games can provide a life altering win with just a single wager, which is why they are attention grabbers online and in land based casinos. When choosing a progressive game, there are important things that players need to consider. Not every jackpot game will offer the same chances at winning. By knowing which games to choose, one can increase their chances at taking home that next jackpot and enjoying some massive payouts.

The most popular games that provide a jackpot opportunity are slot games and when playing these, players have to keep their budget in mind. Many of the top rated progressive slots are video slot games and they have multiple paylines. In order to win the advertised jackpot, one will have to cover all paylines and also place a maximum bet. While this may sound like a lot, most video slots will have multiple coin denominations. This means that players can choose to play for a penny ante so that the maximum bet is actually affordable.

Not every player will have the same budget when gambling online, which is why random progressive slots are also appealing. With these games, players do not have to bet a maximum amount nor do they have to get any specific winning combination on the reels. The jackpots are awarded completely at random following any spin on the game. What makes these games even more exciting is the fact that there are often multiple jackpots that can be won.

Aside from paying attention to the cost of the game, one should also pay attention to the pay table. Most progressive slot games will offer lower payouts for standard game combinations. The best way to choose a slot with a progressive is to find those that offer the better base game payouts. As one plays, they will win more from the base game which will allow them to play for a longer period of time. Also, it may be beneficial to play smaller jackpot games, such as local jackpot games instead of pooled jackpots. With local jackpots, fewer players are playing and while the amount to be won may be lower, one will have much better chances at winning.

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