Online Casino Table Bets to Avoid

Casino - Jan. 4, 2013

So many players become too comfortable while playing games in an online casino and this can often lead to betting mistakes that could end up costing players a lot of money. When betting on games in online casinos, players need to remember to make use of basic strategies, just as they would if they were playing in a land casino. Unfortunately, many players make the mistake of ignoring some strategies, trying a new way of playing. This can produce devastating results and can cause players to enter financial hardship.

When players are playing online Blackjack, they will be making the major decisions that will affect the outcome of the game. Players should always use the basic Blackjack strategy, which will provide a benefit around 1% for the player. If players ignore simple rules and strategies, they could be providing the house with a greater advantage. Following the basic strategy is always suggested when playing any form of Blackjack in online casinos.

Mistakes are commonly made when playing American Roulette. If at all possible, players should choose the European version of the game if the casino offers it to players. This will help to cut the house boundary by more than half, increasing the chances of winning. When playing the American version of the game, players will offer the casino an edge of 5.26% as opposed to the European version of 2.7%.

Playing craps is truly a gamble. Players may never be able to develop a strategy that works in terms of betting because the roll of the dice is unreliable. In fact, the chances of winning while playing craps will range from very favourable to extremely poor. When players make a standard pass-line bet, the house edge will only be 1.41%. However, if players place their casino chips on a single roll stake with stiff customer, the casino edge will rise to a whopping 17%.

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