Refer a Friend for Free Money

Casino - March 24, 2015

Online casinos are home to some of the best casino bonuses and promotions and as players will already know, there are many ways to add free cash to the bankroll. Most players will start by seeking out a site that offers an attractive welcome bonus, but there are other offers that should also be considered. It is better to choose an online casino that may offer a lower paying welcome bonus but offers more ways for returning payers to get some free cash to use on the games that are supported. A number of leading online casinos will offer a referral rewards program, allowing players to earn money simply by referring their friends or family members to the casino site.

The process of redeeming a referral reward is very simple. Players will invite friends through an automated system or will inform the casino of the friend that is being invited. As soon as that friend creates a registered account and adds funds to the account, the bonus will be awarded. Many online casinos not only reward the referring player but will also offer a special bonus for the new player as well, so it is a win-win situation for all.

Some referral bonuses can be used a limited number of times, so this is something to pay attention to when choosing sites. If the site offers a referral reward on only 20 referrals and the player has over 100 players to refer, this is obviously not the best bonus. There are casinos that offer unlimited referral rewards. While the bonus amount may be a bit less, these allow players to continue referring friends for as long as they are a player at the site and each referral will earn free money.

Players do need to know that refer a friend bonuses will be subject to wagering requirements, just like any other bonus at the casino. In order to withdraw the bonus winnings that are generated, a certain amount of wagers will have to be placed to clear the bonus. This is true for the referring player bonus as well as any bonus money that is received by the new player at the site. There may also e a time period in which the requirements must be met, so be sure to read the terms and conditions of any referral rewards program before making a selection.

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