Beginner Betting Strategies with Poker Tourneys

Poker - Dec. 2, 2014

Online poker tournaments are exciting and a great way to enjoy a fast paced game of poker with the chance to win huge portions of the prize pool. A number of players who are just starting to gamble online will be interested in these types of events, so there are some beginner strategies that will be beneficial. Using strategies will not guarantee that any player will win, but they will help to keep them on track and give them the best chances when competing against experienced players online.

During the starting stage of the poker tournament, there may be some dilemmas for novice players. These players will meet some poor players and others that can win the event easily. For novice player, they should play a few pots at the starting stage of the event. There should be a sufficient number of chips to observe flops, place bad bets and even collect some pots from the game.

The middle stage of the tourney is quite different and the highest and smallest stacks will be evident. At this stage, the size of the stack will become essential for players to determine the right hands and how to play against opponents. Novice players should now remember that high and low sized stacks will result in the loss of some players and they should try to play pots with medium stacks to preserve chips.

There is a stage known as the bubble stage with online poker tournaments and here, the number of players will largely decrease before the start of a paying position. Here, if players have a high value stack, they should understand that opponents will not leave the event empty handed and will be placing larger bets. While this is intimidating, remain with the medium bets and pots to reserve chips for the high payouts in the final round of the tourney.

During the final stage of the event, players are all trying to win the maximum payouts. This means that they will be placing large bets to get others to fold. If players have less that 10 high blinds, the strategies for play can be limited. However, those that have reserved chips will be able to take advantage of poker strategies to eke out a win among the higher bettors in the event.

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