Caribbean Stud Strategy

Poker - Jan. 28, 2014

Many players who enter an online casino will immediately be impressed with the array of games. When it comes to playing card and table games, players will find many variations of the casino classics offered. There are multiple variations of poker that are offered in leading online casinos and Caribbean Stud is one of the most popular games played. This version of poker is an exciting way to win money online and with a few strategic tips, players can enjoy more payouts while playing this great game.

Caribbean Stud has a high house edge and players will be playing against the dealer, not other players at the table. The first strategy will apply when players have a hand that is less than an Ace or King high. In this case, it is best to fold the hand as the odds of creating a winning hand are very low.

The next strategy that can benefit players is in regards to the side bet that is offered at the table. With Caribbean Stud, there is often a progressive game that can also be played in addition to the regular game. This is where the side bet will be placed. The rule of thumb is to avoid the side bets when the jackpot is small. Most players will find that the only reason to place this side bet is if the jackpot is worth wining. With the side bet, the house edge is even higher than with the standard game, so avoid this when possible, no matter how appealing it may seem.

The only decision that is offered to a player in this game is to raise of fold. This is why it is important to know the house odds and to examine the dealer cards carefully. Even hands with low pairs or low have the ability winning if the dealer's hand qualifies. Caribbean Stud is not a difficult game to learn and players who follow the mentioned strategies will increase their chances of winning and maintaining a positive bankroll.

Many online casinos will offer Caribbean Stud games for free and this is an excellent way to develop even more skills and strategies that can benefit players when they start to play for real money in the casino.

Below are a few awesome online casinos that we recommend playing Caribbean Stud poker at:

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