Three Card Online Poker

Poker - May 6, 2014

Many players who access an online casino will have an interest in the game variations that are offered. For poker players, there are many game options that are available and one of the most popular choices for players is three card poker. This version of online poker is played with a standard deck of cards and is players between the dealer and the player. The game does follow the same concept of standard poker, where players will try to create the best ranking hand possible to collect payouts.

The great thing about this poker game is that players are not competing against each other at the table. Tree card poker is actually a combination of two different games, Pairs Plus and Ante and Play. In the Ante and Play game, players will place bets against the dealer to see who reveals the best poker hand. With the Pairs Plus game, players will bet on whether they will receive a pair or better in the hand that is dealt.

The hand rankings when playing three card poker do differ from standard five card poker since there are fewer combinations that can be created. The highest hand that can be held is a straight flush, followed by three of a kind, straight, flush, pair and high card. The game begins with players placing their best on the table. If a bet has been placed in the ante circle, players will decide whether they wish to play or fold their hand. If they play, they must place an additional bet in the Play circle on the table. For play to continue, the dealer must qualify with a hand that has a Queen or higher. If this does not happen, all players are paid even money.

Pairs Plus bets are easy to place and if this bet is made, players holding a pair or better in their hand will win the bet. This bet will be won even if the dealer hand does not qualify, so it is an additional way for players to collect winnings with this simple, yet exciting variation of online poker.

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