Variations of Online Poker

Poker - Dec. 11, 2012

Even beginner players will realize that there are many types of poker available, especially when playing online. In fact, some players may not even know of some of these games. Even if you already have a favourite poker game, it is wise to become familiar with other variations of the game. This knowledge could be beneficial in the future.

Almost everyone has heard of Texas Hold Em. This form of poker deals the player two cards. Three cards are then dealt to the centre of the table, followed by two more cards. The five cards displayed on the table can be used by all players to form the highest ranking poker hand. The player with the highest hand will win the pot.

Draw poker is also a popular choice online. When playing this game, players will have the opportunity to discard cards they are holding and be dealt new cards to replace those that were discarded. The common draw poker games include 5 Card Draw, Acey Deucy and Lowball. Stud Poker is usually played with 5 or 7 cards. In this variation, players will hold a certain number of cards in their hand while their remaining cards will be displayed on the table for other players to see. Players are basically betting against the odds that the face up cards will not combine with held cards to create a winning hand.

Of course there are many other variations of poker, such as Pai Gow, Three Card and Omaha, but these that are mentioned are the most commonly played in online casinos. Each online casino will have different variations depending on the software that is being used. However, players will usually be able to find a great selection of game variations no matter where they choose to play.

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